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What attendees say about CVC

"I learned about many new techniques and advances in endovascular science. I got an opportunity to meet in person famous cardiologist, IR and vascular surgeons... CVC is the best endovascular conference.


Sandeep Pandey, MD

Vascular Surgery


“I learned quit a lot and most of it was knowledge I wouldn't have gained in fellowship (where we are still taught it isn't worth going below the knee for intervention). I've walked away with a respect for tibial/pedal work and a real eagerness to incorporate limb salvage into my practice. 


Ganesh Muthappan

Interventional Cardiology

​Bend, Orgeon

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Arterial Track 

The arterial track covers all aspects of arterial disease including a Critical limb ischemia, limb salvage, complex below-the-knee intervention, Crossing complex CTOs,  atherectomy, anti-restenosis therapies, Aortic aneurysm and dissection, carotid, renal & mesenteric disease.  Don't miss our Hands-on ultrasound guided pedal artery access cadaver course!

CVC 2016

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The venous track covers all aspects of venous disease including Deep venous disease, Venous Compression, Deep Venous Thrombosis, Pulmonary Embolism, improving outcomes in cosmetic venotherapy including Phlebectomy, Sclerotherapy, Treatment of Hand and Facial Veins. 

Venous Track